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Our quest

To conquer life’s clutter

This is more than storage. Everest aims to re-energize every room in your home with innovative organization products.

Everest designs follow three guideposts

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Simple setup

Easy assembly so you can get on with your weekend.

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Beautiful & useful

Modern, space-saving designs that look great in the house or garage.

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Long lasting

True versatility to grow and evolve with active lifestyles.

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First, we'll conquer the garage

Nearly one in four Americans say their garage is too cluttered to fit even one car (PR Newswire).

A new view

Americans are ready for a better way to store and organize their homes


54% of Americans are overwhelmed with clutter and don't know what to do (PR Newswire)

Wasted time

Annually, Americans spend 2.5 days looking for lost items (PR Newswire). 

Not enough space

10.6% of U.S. households currently rent a storage unit (Self Storage Assoc.).

Remote work

97% of workers desire some form of remote work (FlexJobs).

Sneak a peek

By signing up as a team member, you also get a front seat to our design process. Watch us create outstanding products to get your whole home organized–indoors and out. 


Concepts inspired by adventure seekers and active families. 


Next, our designers add style, substance and thoughtful details.

Real life testing

Finally, prototypes allow us to test designs against real life. 

Become a team member to experience the final designs!

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Insights at every stage

Be the first to know about discounts and sneak peeks at each stage of our “climb.” 

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Stage 1

Enjoy team access to give feedback on product concepts

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Stage 2

Receive promotional discounts on new products

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Stage 3

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Inspired to build something better

After 30+ years of building and growing famous consumer brands, our team is striking out to build something better in home organization. Our solutions will evolve with your life. 

Photo of Josh Gilin

Josh Gitlin


Inspiration: Spends too much family time looking for gear

Photo of Jessica Marlin

Jessica Marlin

Head of Staff

Inspiration: Tired of sorting through ugly plastic boxes

Photo of Gregg Schweir

Gregg Schweir

Head of Product Development

Inspiration: Wants storage that grows with the family

Photo of Greg Pontilo

Greg Pontillo

Head of Sales 

Inspiration: Needs to fit another car in the garage

Weili Bernard

Lead Project Manager

Inspiration: Needs to declutter office space in two countries

Heidi Hurst

Head of Product Merchandising

Inspiration: Making better use of existing storage spaces and solving for the baking pan avalanche in my kitchen

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