On a quest to conquer life's clutter

Everest Home Organization aims to re‑energize every room in the home.

Our Inspiration

Everest was inspired by the accumulation of the “where is my” moments in life. We all waste so much time and money setting up our big-name shelves and boxes, just to realize that we still couldn’t find what we were looking for! Even more, the designs we found in stores were all so similar and unattractive.

We started Everest to find a better way.

Our Vision

Our mission is to revolutionize storage and organization with solutions that match your lifestyle and family's needs. Spend less time searching and more time doing the things you love.

Our history

Based in Southwest Michigan, Everest Home Organization is the first venture of parent company Kindred Products LLC.

Leveraging Everest’s passion for design and Kindred’s manufacturing excellence, we’re forging a new, much-needed path in the home organization industry.