The Best Shoe Storage Solutions for a Tidy Entryway

The Best Shoe Storage Solutions for a Tidy Entryway

When creating a peaceful atmosphere, no one wants to come home to a pile of shoes at your door. The right shoe storage cabinet is just the organizational solution you need to also add appeal to your entryway. And it gets better! There are various designs and solutions depending on the size of your space, your style and needs. 

From convenient benches with optimal airflow to tall shoe cabinets, take your pick of these innovative shoe organizers to suit your space, coming FALL 2024.

The Entryway Shoe Storage Bench

Mud-covered cleats after an intense soccer practice or hiking boots that have trekked through terrains can wreak havoc on your floors. But there’s a simple and chic solution for keeping wet, muddy shoes contained without the mess. Wet shoe organizers come with special features like drainage and airflow, helping to protect your floors.

The EVEREST Shoe Bench includes a bottom metal grate that allows footwear to dry and a rubber under-tray to catch dirt and other debris, keeping the mess hidden inside. Now cleanup will be a breeze and you won’t have to worry about puddles of water in your home and unsightly shoes crowding your entryway. 

The Compact Shoe Storage Bench - EVEREST Sidekick

When storage space is at a premium in apartments, dorms, or other tight quarters, it can be challenging to find a home for footwear. Choosing a multi-purpose solution with a small footprint is a great way to utilize your space.

The EVEREST Sidekick is a sleek option with a modern aesthetic that allows you to store away your everyday shoes. Like its larger shoe bench counterpart, this compact size features a tilt-out bin to stash gloves, hats, or other small items along with shoes and boots in the main compartment. And its natural wood top fits seamlessly in any aesthetic while providing seating for little ones and adults.

Add Wall Storage for shoes and boots

If floor space isn’t an option or you’d rather a non-traditional approach, wall storage and shelving can be convenient for clearing footwear. Raised wall storage adds a touch of edge to your decor while working as an organizational method for floor clutter.  

With solid steel construction, EVEREST Wall Storage System come in various widths to suit your space and the Wall Storage System Shelf provide a spot for tucking away boots and shoes. 

The Tall Shoe Storage

Need a storage solution for larger households? Take advantage of vertical space with a tall shoe cabinet that everyone in the family can access. Children can grab and go from the bottom shelves and taller family members can see their shoes at eye level. 

The EVEREST Tall Storage Cabinet can hold a variety of shoes from sleek sandals to bulky boots. But it’s durable yet lightweight, making it easy to assemble for just one person. It even comes in a variety of earth-tone colors, to seamlessly blend into any home design. 

Ready to elevate your home organization and create a serene entryway? EVEREST Home Organization brings calm to the clutter with clever storage solutions. Explore our innovative shoe storage products and find the perfect fit for your needs.