3 Clever Tricks for Helping Kids Organize Their Room

3 Clever Tricks for Helping Kids Organize Their Room

Stepping into a child’s messy room can feel like a whirlwind of chaos you can’t control. But we’re here to bring calm to that Category 5 storm. With the right organizational tools and skills, you can tackle the task of organizing your child’s room. 

Better yet, we’ll help you give them their own space to keep everything in their rightful place. No more painful Lego minefields and sticky slime puddles. Give your little ones’ room a fun makeover and teach them the tricks to keeping a tidy room. 

Benefits of Teaching Organization

Staying organized can actually lead to a healthier lifestyle for parents. Think about that sense of relief when you walk into a clean, clutter-free home—it's not just about appearances. External clutter can lead to mental clutter, potentially increasing feelings of anxiety and depression.

Now let's talk about your kid’s room. Picture this: trying to read bedtime stories, host tea parties, or even just pick out an outfit while navigating through books, clothes, and board game pieces strewn across the floor. It's chaos.

By teaching your children and teens simple organizational strategies now, you're setting them up for a lifetime of good habits. This isn’t just about tidying up—it’s about creating a playful and inviting space that reduces mental overwhelm as they navigate school, extracurriculars, and daily responsibilities. 

We even have a few tricks to make tidy time a fun activity you can tackle together.

Simple Strategies for Keeping Your Kids Room Organized

  • Must-Have Storage Solutions
  • Keeping your kid’s room organized can be easier—they just need the right tools.

    Storage Benches keep storage within reach for the little ones and offer extra seating when teens host study sessions with friends. Storage benches are so versatile in design and function that you’ll never run out of ideas for them. Not only can your little ones host puppet shows behind them, they can also store those puppets inside. The EVEREST Shoe Bench is a sleek yet spacious organizational hub for your kid’s toys and supplies. 

    Baskets are perfect for organizing toys, clothes, and miscellaneous items within larger closets, making it easy to keep everything in its place. Elevate the look of your storage cabinets with woven or wooden baskets. You can even add labels to help your kids and teens find their things quickly and eliminate the guesswork in putting items away. 

    Shelves can create an orderly space for books, encouraging a love of reading while keeping the room tidy. They also offer flexibility for you to install at different heights so they can easily access their favorite books no matter their age.

    Simple Declutter Tips 

    These easy decluttering tips can help your child maintain a magically organized room.

    Set a Regular Schedule: Establish a monthly or quarterly routine for decluttering to keep the process manageable and consistent.

    Create Sorting Categories: Teach kids to categorize items into 'keep,' 'donate,' and 'discard' piles to make decisions easier and faster.

    Set Limits: Implement limits on the number of toys or clothes in each category to prevent accumulation and promote mindful ownership.

    Designate a Donation Box: Keep a donation box in the room to regularly add items they no longer use, teaching them the value of giving.

    One In, One Out Rule: Encourage the habit of letting go of one old item for every new item they receive to maintain balance.

    Make it Fun: Turn organizing into a game with timers, rewards, or challenges to keep kids engaged and motivated.

    Lead by Example: Model good organizational habits yourself so that your kids can learn by observing. Maximize your own space with these organizational tips.

    Personalized Solutions

    Functionality meets fun with these creative hacks that infuse your child's personality into their storage solutions.

    Personalized Storage Bins: Use bins in your child’s favorite colors or decorated with beloved characters to make tidying up more appealing. 

    Themed Labels: Create or purchase labels featuring their favorite characters, which can add a fun element to identifying where items belong.

    Color-Coded Zones: Designate specific areas of the room or storage units in different colors to help children easily recognize where to store their belongings.

    Character-Themed Shelves: Add character-themed decals or designs to shelves and storage doors, making organizing books and toys more enjoyable.

    Decorative Storage Seats: Opt for a storage seat that comes in your child’s favorite color or have them decorate it with their favorite character. 

    Playful Labels for Drawers: Attach playful, colorful labels to drawers to help children remember where to place their clothes, art supplies, or toys.

    Stylish Storage Solutions for Kids’ Rooms

    Help your kids transform chaos into a well-organized, functional space and give them tips that can last a lifetime. EVEREST Home offers a range of multifunction storage solutions that can be easily personalized and suited for all ages. From preschool to preteen, your children will love the neutral colors and sleek design that allow them to add their favorite touches.