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Wire Rack Accessories Kit 7-Pack

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As our lives evolve, so do our storage needs. With Everest Wire Racks Accessories Kit, you can trust that your storage and organization needs will be met today as well as in the future. These versatile storage and organization products are designed to fit all sizes of racks, for easy customization of your storage spaces. Aesthetically pleasing and stylish, they complement any room in your home or business. And the best part? Our wire rack accessories can accommodate your changing storage needs, providing you with a worry-free storage solution that will keep your space tidy and organized for years to come. Kit includes one paper towel holder, one 14" wire basket, two single hooks, one 4-position organizer hook, one 5-position organizer hook, and one 4-hook utility bar.

With a paper towel holder, 14" basket, 4-hook utility bar, 4- and 5-position hooks, and two single hooks, the Everest Wire Rack Accessories Kit provides a wide variety of storage accessories to not only meet your current storage needs, but to accommodate your needs as they evolve.

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1. Product Specs

Material: Alloy Steel
Type: Welded Wire
Special Feature: Easy fit on most wire rack shelves
Color: Chrome
Assembly Required: No
Mounting Type: Direct Fit
Product Dimensions:
14” Basket: 14” x 6.7” x 5.5”
4-Hook Utility Bar: 1.69” x 10.43” x 4.33”
Single Hook: 4” x 2.5” x 1.25”
Paper Towel Holder: 4” x 11.5” x 3”
4-Position Hook: 7” bar with .75” hook and 3” connection
5-Position Hook: 11” bar with 1” hook and 2.5” connection
Product Weight: 3.4 lbs.
Included Components: (1) 14" Wire Basket, (2) Single Hooks, (1) 4-Position Hook, (1) 5-Position Hook, (1) 4-Hook Utility Bar

2. Features

UNIVERSAL FIT: Our Wire Rack Accessories hook directly on most wire rack shelves, allowing you to customize your current storage, or future wire rack shelving.
NO TOOLS, NO HASSLE: Accessories attach to wire shelving quickly and easily, no tools required.
CUSTOMIZE YOUR STORAGE: With the wide variety of holders and hooks provided in the kit, you have multiple ways to better customize your storage space to fit your needs.
EASY ORGANIZATION: Wire Rack Accessories hook directly onto wire shelves to to help keep your small, easy-to-lose items organized.
LONG-LASTING STORAGE: Steel construction with a chrome finish provides durability and beauty for years to come.




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