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Clear Latching Totes - Bulk Packs

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Clear plastic storage containers with contoured, latching lids, bulk-packed for convenience.  Clear Latching Totes are the answer to your storage needs. The clear view design allows you to quickly identify stored items without moving or opening the bins and come with attractive and sturdy lids that latch with a simple click. The heavy-duty, BPA-free plastic and contoured lids provide high quality and improved stackability. Proudly made in the USA, our Clear Latching Totes are available in three sizes – 40, 64, and 80 quarts – so you can select the size that fits your storage needs and your storage space. Bulk-packed for your convenience, these totes are perfect for moving, downsizing, or just conquering the clutter.
2. Features

CLEAR VIEW DESIGN: Clear plastic allows you to see what's stored inside without unstacking or opening the Totes.

STAY-PUT LID: Our latching lid secures your stored items with a simple click.

MADE TO STACK: Totes are made of heavy duty, BPA-free plastic with contoured latching lids, providing high quality and stackability to make the most of your storage space.

SIZED TO YOUR NEEDS: Bulk-packed in a set of 6 for your convenience, our 40-quart Totes fit where you need them to, in a size that's easy to manage.

MADE IN THE USA: Manufactured in Ohio, our Clear Latching Totes are proudly made in the USA.




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